In our History department our students explored current and past historical African American figures and movements. The lessons encouraged students to be active and engaged in their communities through creative expressions like posters, poems, and video presentations.

Black Lives Matter Portfolio Project

After spending several weeks exploring the Black Lives Matter Movement through art, poetry and prose, students organized their ideas into a portfolio to better move towards intentions. Included in their portfolio are these creative posters inspired by one of the 13 guided principles of the BLM movement, in response to police brutality, explanations, and reflections.

"An action for the BLM movement could have a few BLM posters in high traffic locations like
the mall, or a busy street to spread awareness." -Micah, Grade 11

"An action I can take to support the movement is to do age art, particularly drawing. Whenever someone looks at an art piece, the interpretation varies, but the theme remains the same."
-Shannae, Grade 12

"Throughout my learning about BLM, I have learned about the different principles and I have been able to bring my own creativity to my classwork." -Briana, Grade 11

"I currently use my social media platform to spread knowledge and shader knowledge about racial injustices everywhere not just within my local community." -Amani, Grade 11

National History Day Projects

This year's National History Day theme was "Communication in History". Students created projects using Screencast-o-matic linking their personal interest in the topic clear, introducing the viewer to the time period in which they were interested, including at least one slide showing information they researched on the internet about their topic, and a brief citation.

Real World History

Students pose next to their labels on display with the Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series at the Viewing the Real World History exhibition at The Phillips Collection.